About Us
BRUNSFIELD REAL ESTATE is a premier real estate and property management company specialising in the leasing of Residential, Commercial and Retail properties, as well as managing properties in a manner that meets and surpasses the expectations and needs of Owners and Tenants.

Our strength lies in our company's integrated global supply chain management that encompasses interior designing, renovation, leasing and management. Such integration across the board allows us to monitor, regulate and ensure the delivery of valued and high quality services to our clients and stakeholders.

BRUNSFIELD REAL ESTATE is committed to consistently building economic value and generating financial returns of the highest level to all stakeholders through leasing and management of real estate in line with our key values of integrity, innovation and service excellence.

  • Property Management Services
    Protect the value of your property and get strong financial returns with our professional property management services. We will ensure your property is constantly well-maintained and managed through the adoption of high quality upkeep and maintenance standards while inspections are carried out regularly by our team to ascertain that such standards are met.

  • Real Estate Services
    Leverage on our extensive database and highly active network of investors and home owners to support your sale and leasing efforts. We guarantee the highest standard of service and comprehensive and reliable real estate information.

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